May 15th, 2018 featuring QT Quartet and Hugh Box

We welcome QT Quartet and Hugh Box to The Beans on May 15th, at 7:30 PM at Balzac’s Coffee

It’s an evening of instrumental performances this month at The Beans! We have a trombone quartet and a fabulous pianist.

Yes, you heard that right!

 We are thrilled to feature Hugh Box and his awesome talents here at The Beans.

Although Hugh happily earns his living as a Special Education Coordinator for the Limestone District School Board, facilitating services for students who have autism, his passion has always been musical. Forced to take piano lessons at a young age, Hugh discovered early on that noodling around on the piano was way more fun than practicing. And so it was that after a good number of years he began to publicly share his unique piano improvisations with small audiences. Hugh has lived in Kingston for over 20 years where he regularly enjoys the local music scene.

 Click on the photo below to hear an excerpt from a concert Hugh performed at the Tett Centre in October.

It’s not often you hear a trombone quartet.

Yes. A trombone quartet. QT Quartet to be specific. 

     QT Quartet is comprised of students at Queen’s university who met in the music program. We enjoy playing a wide variety of music everywhere from classical to jazz, and have been working together this past year on writing our own arrangements of various jazz standards and classical songs, as well as working on any new music we can find. The group includes Nat Michaelis, Eric Liu, Lorenzo Sivilotti and Joseph Dashney.