March 10th – Kyra and Tully & Val Hamilton and Brant Peppley

Don’t miss The Beans on March 10th, 7:30 PM at Balzac’s Coffee in downtown Kingston.

Now we love Kyra and Tully. We have had the pleasure to enjoy their music, listen to their music at home and are just thrilled to have them on stage at and man, are we in for a treat, as they are joined by the incredible, amazing, divine human that is Val Hamilton who plays basically everything and is joined by the also multitalented Brant Peppley.

They have called this gathering of talents ‘Together’.


More on the artists below:

Val Hamilton is a longstanding musician in the Kingston community who wears many hats.  Her roots are in the folk community with the Birkensoul Sisters and Mid-life Crisis.    Of late, you can catch her playing jazz on alto sax, singing with the new vocal jazz ensemble, Martello Alley Cats and She Sings. Val has also taken up choral composition, with seven pieces to her credit. The most recently performed was Off By Heart with Polyhymnia at the Isabel.

Val & Dave Vowles have a new weekly dinner jazz series: “Jazz Junction at BluMartini” on Wednesday nights 5:30-7:30 starting May 6.  C’mon out!!!

Brant Peppley – double bass, guitar, vocals

Brant has been a steady working musician for more than forty years playing in various bands first in Ottawa and then later in Kingston. He evolved through folk and singer-songwriter roots into the world of jazz in the mid-eighties and has played in a wide array of groups since that time including the Big Swing Band, the Ron Gilbertson Quintet, the Blue Swing Trio. He is also the guitarist for the Motown band Heatwave that plays to support good causes in the Kingston area. Brant’s latest commitment as a bass player is to the Martello Alley Cats jazz ensemble.


Kyra and Tully

“Kyra and Tully’s rich melodic songs beautifully capture the moment of fragile humanity that lies between deep sadness and profound hope.

Remember when folk music was all the rage? When couples like Ian and Sylvia and Sonny and Cher topped the charts? In a tense world, the love and caring of 60s folk-pop inspired hope in a whole generation. Kyra and Tully dig it. They know the world is again tense and they’re serving up some vintage peace and loving through warm, rich melodic tunes. Sure, it’s catchy. At times, it’s downright sunny. But there’s a tinge of sadness too that makes this duo something special. From voices that melt into each other to brilliant arrangements of bassoon, harmonica, mandolin, and piano…even the crunch of the electric guitar take Kyra and Tully’s superb songwriting to the next level. Do not be ashamed to love it. After all, it may inspire love in you…and hey, doesn’t that sound sweet?

“Everyone should get to hear this sweet and truthful music”– Bruce Cockburn
“Kyra & Tully’s insidiously hooky songs, much like the gently seductive numbers Sam Beam writes for Iron & Wine, have a way of sticking with you long after the disc stops spinning.” —Now Magazine (Toronto)

With a new album on the way in November 2020, Kyra and Tully are not to be missed. Check out their website or check them on Facebook for more info.


On March 5th 2020- the second single, MONARCH BUTTERFLY was released from Kyra and Tully’s upcoming album TIME.
The duo will release a single on the 5th of each month leading up to the full album release in November 2020.
The new single MONARCH BUTTERFLY (featured image- Original painting by Erika Olson       is available right now on YOU TUBE, Band Camp, ITUNES, SPOTIFY, AMAZON, GOOGLE PLAY and more.. released DIGITALLY INTERNATIONALLY  on most digital platforms around the world!
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